@Facebook to launch an app for gaming.

Video games are rising and become more popular in the pandemic. Accordingly, Facebook is deploying an app for making and watching live gameplay.

Facebook intends to launch the Facebook Gaming mobile app. The social network specialist pronounces itself to move into the video game franchise as people are soliciting entertainment during the pandemic.

The free app tops many years of investments at Facebook that told that more than 700 millions of its 2.5 billion participate in gaming content. The app is sketched for creating and watching live gameplay. In this flourishing online section, Facebook competes with Amazon’s Twitch, Google YouTube, and Microsoft’s Mixer services.

The global gaming industry is currently in bloom due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Facebook had planned to launch the app in June; however, Facebook had to speed up its plan of action as the quarantine’s horizon became clear.

“Investing in the gaming industry has become the main objective for us as we perceive gaming as a form of entertainment which connects people,” said Fidji Simo, head of Facebook apps, who reports to Mark Zuckerberg.

The latter also stated that the COVID-19 pandemic had stimulated the company to accelerate other gaming projects that include a new tournament feature. Ms. Simo also mentioned that the gaming industry is in a high boom due to quarantine.

Facebook has tried-out the Facebook Gaming app in Latin America and Southeast Asia over the past 18 months and has the intention to launch it on the Google Play Store for Android devices. The IOS version will be launched once Apple authorizes them, Facebook stated.

Facebook has a consistent track record of spinning-off separate apps under its brand, like Facebook Camera and Facebook paper. Its non-Facebook acquisitions are WhatsApp and Instagram.


Even though a decade ago, Facebook was a top gaming platform, the company has not been so performing in recent years. As claimed by Streamlabs, Facebook is behind YouTube and Twitch, being №3 in total hours watched. Viewers watch game streaming with the main Facebook app and on the upcoming Facebook gaming app, which is under development.

The new app englobes casual games and entry to gaming communities. Still, its chance will rely to a great extent on how successfully it tempts users to create and watch game streams. A function called Go Live allows users to upload streams of other mobile games on the same device by pressing a few buttons.

Those streams can later be shared with someone’s personal Facebook page, possibly making it easier for people to become amateur streamers.

Facebook is more focused on mobile and the new app for streaming as the mobile experience is more energetic than computer viewing added Mr. Sharma, who also stated with a few clicks people can quickly become a streamer.

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