WhatsApp recently updated its user privacy policy, including new terms that require the app to share data with Facebook as a condition of usage. WhatsApp can now disable certain app features before users approve the latest privacy terms, which was initially postponed.

Following the uproar about WhatsApp’s revised privacy policy, Facebook has agreed to delay amendments to the two social networks’ data sharing policies. Last week, WhatsApp also confirmed that those who do not approve the new terms would not have their accounts deleted or deactivated.Although …

Apple’s 2021 spring load event is full of exciting announcements, including some highly anticipated one (AirTags!) and someother features (Rainbow iMacs!).

Multicolored iMacs.

Although we know that iPads were expected to be unveiled at the event, the biggest announcement was the launching of new iMacs with a more stylish design, thin bezels and most importantly a wide array of colors.

Multicolored desktops are about to make a comeback, but the new iMac also means a huge leap in performance. Not surprisingly, the new iMacs have a dedicated Apple M1 chip which means that when using optimized software, they should have a significant…

Designed for the US and for its military faction, Samsung has unveiled a new variant of the Samsung S20, and it’s named the Tactical Edition.

As the name suggests, this new S20 variant is combat-ready, it is equipped with one mode that can turn the display on and off if you are wearing a night vision google or you can even enable the stealth mode by turning off LTE and muting all RF broadcast not letting any chance of eavesdropping.

If the device is mounted to your chest, it is much easier to unlock the landscape mode and launch an…

As reported by the latest data from analyst firms, the COVID-19 pandemic has provoked the smartphone business to undergo its quickest ever first-quarter year-on-year deterioration. Both Counterpoint Research and Canalys estimated the overall decline in global purchases at 13 per cent. However, Counterpoint states the decrease in China solely was held at 27 per cent while Canalys measures it about 18 per cent. No matter what figures you study at, the condition is straightforward: it’s the first-time cargoes have come under 300 million since 2014, with a sudden collapse in China leading to a declining market throughout the globe. …


The trailer for the newly announced Assassin Creed game freshly dropped, and it’s already got fans buzzing.

New Assassin’s Creed game announced by Ubisoft and is named Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Prior it was announced that Valhalla would be coming to a gaming console near you in the coming months, and now Ubisoft has backed up the story by releasing its first official trailer, and it looks extraordinary.

Fans were previously humming with the news that there would be a new Assassin’s Creed, however presently, the trailer for the new game has released, excitement has gone into overdrive.

Every bit…

You are getting 100% disk usage in Windows 10, leaving your computer hanging and freezing. However, it is a new Windows 10 device. So what’s the issue?
Finally, you find out your system drive is running at a maximum of 100%. The newest versions of Windows 10 have an issue with drives being strained that slow-down the OS. This concerns both solid-state drives (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD).
A handful of fixes are available; on the other hand, the problem needs to be traced.

Notice slow Performance on your PC. Run Disk Check.

Did you attempt to utilize Windows…

The very first version of Apple and Google jointly designed contact tracing API is being made available to developers by the upcoming week.

The two tech companies, Apple and Google, proclaimed they were developing a new contact-tracing approach, designed to operate crosswise iOS and Android devices and specified how the opt-in network would utilize randomized IDs not attached to a user’s actual identity information to communicate possible connections with people having been positively infected with the new Coronavirus. It is a decentralized framework that does not collect any location data to safeguard individual privacy. Both Apple and Google opted to…

Liberate yourself from being frustrated by locking your screen.
It’s frustrating to touch a button unintentionally mess up playback while watching Netflix on your mobile phone. Gratefully, Netflix is adding a new feature for Android devices that tries to prevent them.

The new trait permits Android users to dodge accidental taps while using the Netflix app. The “screen lock” recourse will surface at the bottom of your device when you start watching a show or a movie. Allowing screen lock feature will prevent the button prompts, which include the “Play/Pause” buttons, from showing up, helping to save you from stopping…

The social giant’s standalone app would not provide enough for either causal gamers or esports streaming fans.

The social giant, Facebook, has released an app drafted to compete with the like of Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube. It was expected to be launched later this year, but it landed out early.

Facebook Gaming already existed in website form and was integrated into the Facebook app itself, however from today, you may now shove it into your phone and watch streamers doing their thing on a far smaller screen. …

Video games are rising and become more popular in the pandemic. Accordingly, Facebook is deploying an app for making and watching live gameplay.

Facebook intends to launch the Facebook Gaming mobile app. The social network specialist pronounces itself to move into the video game franchise as people are soliciting entertainment during the pandemic.

The free app tops many years of investments at Facebook that told that more than 700 millions of its 2.5 billion participate in gaming content. The app is sketched for creating and watching live gameplay. …

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